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Special Events At Wazee’s World

Mwamba Children’s Choir

Thanks for having the Mwamba Children’s Choir at this wonderful park and for giving us free access. It was a wonderful experience for all the kids from Africa”


The Every Mile Challenge event at Wazee’s World June 7, 2011.
A great time was had by all



American Cancer Society’s East Mesa Relay for Life

A very special “thank you” goes out to the Dune Sea Garrison (501st Legion) for selecting Wazee’s World to host their fundraiser to benefit the American Cancer Society’s East Mesa Relay for Life! A great time was had by all (Wazee’s staff included!)!



Phoenix Coyotes’ Howlers Kids Club

On April 2nd Wazee’s World hosted another event for the Howlers Kids Club. We wish them well in their quest for the cup.



Peoria S.W.A.T. Team Plays Local High School Law Enforcement Club

Our local Peoria High School law enforcement club took part in a laser tag tournament on Dec 8th. During the tournament five different teams competed against each other. The two first place and two last place teams got to go up against a team from the Peoria S.W.A.T. in two separate games. The kids took the S.W.A.T. team in the first game, but the S.W.A.T. game back to clean-up with both the first place player and the first place team for the second game. The S.W.A.T team then took the time to explain to the kids their strategy and how they came together to win by working as a team. It was an exciting night for everyone involved! A special thank you to the Peoria S.W.A.T team for taking the time out to come to Wazee’s World to be a part of this event. We also thank you for the official photo, patch and coin that will be proudly displayed at Wazee’s World.