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The Makoto arena has been described as a cross between “Whack-A-Mole” and “Simon”  It’s a triangle with durable 6-ft. steel towers rising from each corner.  The smaller arena has a distance of 6 feet between towers, the larger arena is 8 feet between towers. Each tower is electronically wired to emit sounds and lights; the lights can occur randomly in any of 10 locations per tower, and there are four tones that correspond to the height of the target. Using hands, feet, and/or staff, one responds to the audio prompt and attempts to hit the lighted area before the light goes off. Reaction time and accuracy (actually hitting the lighted area) are measured electronically, so one can compete with oneself or others.  The speed of the prompts is easily adjusted
for varying abilities.

In the Fitness program the target times range from 3 seconds down to 3/4ths of a second.  In the Therapeutic program the target times range from 10 seconds down to just under one second.  Games can include one, two or three towers depending upon the player’s visual and movement abilities. Most games involve one player at a time; however, 3 people can do single tower games simultaneously, and tag-team games for children can accommodate group PE classes.  A typical individual workout is comprised of several games lasting anywhere from 1 to 4 minutes, depending upon one’s stamina.

Youth Fitness

The Makoto is fun and exciting interactive fitness with benefits that go beyond physicalactivity. The first interactive fitness equipment that is used to help kids with ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities and for autism therapy. It’s no wonder that schools, YMCAs and community recreation centers are anchoring their youth fitness facilities around the new makoto arena!

But that’s not what the kids see. They just like the game because it’s exciting and they’re in the center of action. Every game is different. And whether you’re playing solo against the machine or with a team, the arena will challenge all with a heart-pounding workout.

Medical and Rehab

Makoto is used by therapists and doctors in the areas of stroke, orthopedic, neurological, speech, and cardiovascular therapy. Over the past decade the concept of neuroplasticity, our ability to re-grow and repair neurological pathways in the brain and body, has advanced from hypothesis to accepted theory. Studies of Makoto-like therapies that combine cross-body movements with visual and auditory stimulus show significant improvement in visual, cardiovascular, and neurological performance. These improvements include the areas of memory, proprioception, cognitive processing, speech, learning disabilities and more.

The most important advantages realized by therapists using Makoto are two-fold:

  • it is fun, so it breaks up the tedium of most therapy
  • it is measurable; patients’ motivation increases as their scores improve.

Sports Training

Pro sports teams like the Denver Nuggets, Pittsburgh Pirates, and 2006 World Series Champion St Louis Cardinals.  Sports performance training franchises such as High Intensity Training (HIT) Center, Sports Clinic Baseball, and personal trainers too numerous to mention.