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Laser Tag FAQ

How do I schedule a laser tag party?
You can either call our event coordinator Jenny 623-418-8234 or send her an email  at and she will get back to you a.s.a.p. She will make sure to tend to every detail to make sure your child has a wonderful experience!   You will have a host/hostess to take care of everything for you so you can sit back, relax and enjoy yourself!

Is a deposit required?
No.  We can take a credit/debit card, but we won’t run it until party time. If you cancel within seven days, you will be responsible for 50% of the total party charge. If you cancel within four days of the party, you will be responsible for 100% of the total. We do allow you to reschedule one time, however the new party date must be within three weeks of the previous party date. If you wish to reschedule you must do so before your party is scheduled to begin.

Is a deposit required for party reservations?
No, we take a credit card number but do not charge you unless you don’t show up. Then it is a 50% charge.

How many people can we bring to our party?
Our party package is for a minimum of 10 players for $199.00. you can add  1 to 4 additional players for $19.99 each. Each 10 person party will have 16 seats. Additional seating will be available for other paid players. Seating is limited in the party area, so there will not be room for unpaid guests. The free soda refills are for the paid guests only. You can purchase additional pitchers for $6.50 each for 3 people. They are welcome to stand outside the pony wall at the party area and use the seats while the kids are playing their games. Please use only the tables reserved for your party. Every player is required to have a signed waiver. There are no exceptions!

How early should we arrive for our party and what if some of the guests are late?
You need to arrive no sooner than five minutes early so that your host/hostess can get You seated in the party zone. If guests arrive past the scheduled time of the first  laser tag game, they miss it. There will be no refunds for late guests.

How much time will we have in the party area?
Each party will have two hours in the party area. Your host / hostess will let You know 15 minutes in advance of the time you must vacate the party area. Please  vacate the party area at your scheduled time. You are welcome to stay and enjoy  our other venues through out the facility.

What will be the order of events during my Laser Tag party?
Guests will arrive and check in to assigned party area. Party host / hostess will give each child a colored wrist band dedicated to their party. When their color is called they will report to briefing room for first game of laser tag. They will then be briefed on the rules of the game and shown how to use the equipment. Each game lasts approximately 15 minutes. After the game your guests will be free to play video games until they are called for their second game. There will then be an additional hour in the party area for pizza and cake. During that hour guest are permitted to play videos, Cosmic Golf or additional Laser Tag games. Additional charges will apply.

Is there any special attire required?
No flip-flops or heels. Sneakers are best for laser tag. No sneakers with wheels are allowed in our facility. We do appreciate if men and boys wear tee-shirts rather than tank tops.

Can our guests play cosmic golf during our party?
Your guests can play cosmic golf, but we suggest you wait until after the party, If they are golfing when it’s time for their laser tag game, they will miss it. There  will be no refunds for missed games.

Are cake and ice cream or outside food allowed during our party?
No. Outside food and drink are prohibited unless pre-approved by management for medical/
special needs. Birthday cake, utensils, plates, and napkins are included in party package.

I have a party member with special needs. Can he/she still play laser tag?
Yes. Our arena is wheel chair accessible, and our laser tag vests can be altered to fit a variety of needs. With our laser tag, we do use fog and smoke effect machines. There will also be loud music playing.

Can our guests play video games between laser tag games?
They can play videos games, but if they don’t come when they are called for their laser tag game, they will miss it. Again, no refunds for missed games.

Can we stay after our party is over?
Yes of course! We will just have you move over to the snack bar area. You can stay as long as you like. At this time you can purchase extra games of laser tag or golf if so desired.