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What is Laser Tag?
Think of Laser tag as a high tech, points-based game of flashlight tag, accompanied with  music and special lighting effects.

Do you need reservations to host a Laser Tag party?
Yes. We recommend that individuals reserve at least 3 to 4 weeks prior to the desired  party date in order to secure a time that best suits their party needs. The longer you  wait, the less likely it will be that we can reserve the time you would like or the  table and mission space for your party guests. There is no cut-off time for reservations, but it is subject to space availability. All parties are first come, first serve. No exceptions. Weekends and holidays are the busiest. Check our weekdays for discounted rates.

Is a deposit required for party reservations?
Yes, a non-refundable deposit is required at the time of your reservation.

Do you accept personal checks?
No. Acceptable methods of payment are: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, ATM/Debit, or Cash.

Do you have private party rooms?
No. We have dedicated semi-private party areas. They are separated from the general public. You will have as much space as you would in a party room, without being cut off from all of the excitement. We will provide secure gift storage at each area.

What will be the order of events during my Laser Tag party?
Guests will arrive and check in to assigned party area. Party host / hostess will give  each child a colored wrist band dedicated to their party. When their color is called  they will report to briefing room for first game of laser tag. They will then be briefed  on the rules of the game and shown how to use the equipment. Each game lasts  approximately 15 minutes. After the game your guests will be free to play video games  until they are called for their second game. There will then be an additional hour in  the party area for pizza and cake. During that hour guest are permitted to play videos,  Cosmic Golf or additional Laser Tag games. Additional charges will apply.

How long will my party last?
You will have your private area for two hours. At that time you must vacate the party area. You are welcome to stay and enjoy our other venues through out the facility.

What if all my guests are not present by my party’s scheduled start time?
Please encourage your guests to arrive early! We will have several parties going on consecutively and timing is very important. If you’re having a Laser Tag party and a  guest is late, he/she will have to miss the first game. No refunds will be given due  to lateness.

Are cake and ice cream or outside food allowed during our party?
No. Outside food and drink are prohibited unless pre-approved by management for medical/ special needs.

I have a party member with special needs. Can he/she still play laser tag?
Yes. Our arena is wheel chair accessible, and our laser tag vests can be altered to fit a variety of needs. With our laser tag, we do use fog and smoke effect machines. There will also be loud  music playing.

Is Laser Tag dangerous?
Laser tag is a safe, non contact form of entertainment that is suitable for ages 7  to 97! Two hands must be used to operate the laser to avoid any wild play. Wazee’s World  has the ability to terminate a players game if they are playing rough or running.  Laser Tag is a non-violent game. The emphasis of the game is to ‘tag” the other  players and ‘deactivate’ them, not “kill” them.

How should players dress for Laser Tag?
Comfortable shoes are recommended. Light colored clothing will “glow” in the black  light, so some players feel they do better in darker clothes. No tank tops, muscle  shirts or jerseys without tee shirts allowed for boys/men. The next player does not want a sweaty vest! Backless Sandals, Open-toe, shoes are not recommended. Wear them at your own risk. Wazee’s World Laser Zone will not be  responsible for any injuries due to inappropriate footwear. Platform and high-heel shoes are not allowed.

Note To Players And Parents:
Laser Tag game is a physical activity played in a dimly lit, fog-filled, multi-level  arena; which contains mazes, ramps, obstacles, strobe lights, loud music, and other  players. There are certain risks associated with laser tag play. You are playing the  game at your own risk. Anyone with one or more of the following conditions must notify  a member of the management staff prior to playing the game:

  • Seizure disorder such as epilepsy.
  • Heart condition or similar conditions relating to the ability to participate in cardiovascular exercise.
  • Asthma or other respiratory disorders.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Other medical conditions that might affect your ability to play the game.

All guests judge themselves as fit and properly attired to play. All guests assume full responsibility for their actions at all times, and for any injuries, which may occur to  or be caused by them.

During my laser tag game, will my vest shock/zap/harm me in any way?
No. Our vests are only able to produce sound and light, they are therefore not able to produce a shock etc. when fired upon. They will vibrate to let you know you have been  tagged.

How many people does it take to play a game of Laser Tag?
Laser tag can be played with 2 to 40 guests.

How old must you be to play Laser Tag?
Children must be at least 7 years old or 48″ and be able to comprehend the basic instructions
and rules of laser tag. Children must be able to operate the laser tag vest (with adult
supervision and assistance if necessary). However video games, redemption games and
Cosmic Golf are for everyone.

Can we watch people play inside the Laser Tag arena?
For the safety of the participants and the staff, we only allow guests who are actively  participating as a player on one of the teams inside the arena.  When a mission is not in session, we do offer tours to guests who would like to see the  inside of the arena.

Can we take pictures or video record inside the Laser Tag arena?
No. Not in the arena. You are welcome to take pictures anywhere else in the facility.

Do you serve alcoholic beverages?
No. We pride ourselves on an alcohol free family environment. We do have a wide variety  of other beverages available to satisfy everyone. Intoxicated persons are not allowed  in our facility.

What is Cosmic Golf?
Cosmic Golf is miniature nine-hole golf course rich in ultra-violet black light. When  you go through the Area51 themed entrance you enter a new world. It’s bright,  challenging, and fun. It’s putt-putt like no other.

How old do you have to be to play Cosmic Golf?
Cosmic Golf is the perfect family outing, and is suitable for all ages.

What will be the order of events during my Moon Bounce party?
Guests will arrive and check in to assigned party room. Party host/hostess will  give each child a colored wrist band dedicated to their party. The host/hostess will  then accompany them to the bounce arena for 1 hour. After the hour is up they will  proceed to the party area for pizza, cake, presents etc. During that hour guest are  permitted to play videos, Cosmic Golf or Laser Tag games if age permits. Additional  charges will apply.

How long will my party last?
You will have your private party area for two hours. At that time you must vacate the  area. You are welcome to stay and enjoy our other venues in the facility.